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This page is a documentation of my “technical” processes for adding new files into the collections. If you have suggestions on areas which can be improved (or better yet ability to assist with a script / program) please contact me.

Duplicate Removal - Step 1
1. Files are scanned with DOSCenter All archives in my collections are cataloged in custom DOSCenter databases. Exact duplicates are weeded out at this point. Files which are partial matches are manually checked to determine if they are clearly a different version. New versions are added into the collection.

Computer Games - Step 2 (Classic PC Games Collection)
2. If the files being processed are computer games a tedious manual screening process is generally used. The game is run in either DOSBox or VirtualBox for a screenshot capture. All documents are read to hand craft relevant meta data for the entry. If the game is for DOS or Windows 3.1 online play is enabled and any necessary configuration is saved into the zip archive.

Applications & Others - Step 3 (The DEMU Collection)
3. Finally, if the file is not a game the goal is to process the item quickly and sacrifice meta data collection. The program WinDIZ is used to quickly capture file_id.diz contents, file names and dates. This data is imported into a csv file. Files without a file_id.diz are quickly scanned and any immediately apparent data for a title and description are used (often from a BBS file in a source directory). Once the data set is complete the csv is processed through ias3upload to push the entire group into the archive. It always surprises me how poor documentation is on old shareware titles people were trying to sell!

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