Alien Breed

All hell just broke loose in the heavens.

Your mission: kick some mean, green Alien butt! Overcome 18 labyrinth levels of the most ferocious creatures ever to terrorize the cosmos. Then set the Intex Space Station for self-destruct and face the biggest challenge of all: get out quick or die!

Alien Breed is not for those who are afraid of the dark.

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Welcome to Descent - 30 levels of the most mind-bending, stomach-churning action game ever. Featuring true 3-Dimensional worlds with light source shading, texture mapping, 3-D morphing, directional sound effects and sizzling music, this is technology taken to the limit.

You begin deep below the surface of Lunar Base I where an unknown alien race has taken over the chasm of the Post-Terran Mining Corporation. Lunge straight down mine shafts, twist around never-ending tunnels and fight your way past robotic menaces in an environment that's truly 360° 3-D move up, move down, shoot everything everywhere. Hang onto your senses (and your lunch) as you drop straight down mine shafts on a ride that'll leave you spinning.

And what's the good of losing your mind if you can't share the experience with your friends? Descent invites you and your buddies to dive into the action together with head-to-head combat and cooperative two-player modem and eight-player network support. 

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Help to free Ecstatica in this terrifying graphic adventure with a fully explorable 3D environment, stunning animation, and ground breaking ellipsoid technology graphics. So lock your doors and check under your bed. Ecstatica is a nightmare like none you've experienced before.

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Fortress of Dr. Radiaki Demo

THE FORTRESS OF DR. RADIAKI is a thrilling adventure mixing carnage with a cutting edge sense of humor. You will confront scores of different adversaries including sword wielding samurai, stealthy ninja warriors, robots with toasters for heads, mutated alligators and many more. You must use all your wits to find your way through the cavernous fortress and defeat the Machiavellian design of the horribly deformed Dr. Radiaki.

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Lode Runner

You are a highly trained Galacric commando deep in enemy territory. Power hungry leaders of the repressive Bungeling Empire have stolen a fortune in gold from the peace loving people, and you've just discovered getheir secret underground treasury. Your goal? To recover every last ingot of Bungeling booty. You'll be running, jumping, and climbing heroically, solving perplexing puzzles, and drilling passageways through stone floors and barriers using your laser drill pistol. You'll need more than fleet feet and good looks to get through this mission alive. You'll need your quick wits and brains!

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Magic Carpet

Shred the Skies an the world's fastest, most heavily armed flying carpet. Duel rival wizards and wade into hordes of deadly beasts in you quest to restore 50 shattered worlds. A technological masterpiece of 3D fractal landscapes that morph in real time and gorgeous texture-mapped graphics. Prepare for the rush of adrenaline as you step into the fastest arcade flight experience ever created. 

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Prince of Persia

Seventeen years have I, Jaffar, served as Grand Vizier to the Sultan of Persia. Now the hour of my triumph is at hand. Already I sit on his throne, and soon I shall have his daughter as well the Princess, whose beauty is like the stars and the moon.

Of course, I would never force myself upon this lovely creature. I shall give her a full hour to reach her own decision. She shall choose me of her own free will - or forfeit her life.

And yet she clings to her fantasy of rescue. The object of her childish infatuation? A young adventurer - a nobody - who is now, on my orders, a prisoner in my dungeons.

There will be no rescue. He shall never leave his prison alive. Even should he escape his cell, he could never survive the cunning traps and palace guards barring him from the Princess.

Yet suppose by some succession of miracles he prevails over all these? Ah, then I would be obliged to use certain forces of my own. Enchantment? Black Magic? These are but words. I speak of mysteries. Mysteries that no man or woman can withstand.

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You are Drake Edgewater, a 21st Century cab driver desperate to escape from the Quarantined city of KEMO. You drive a modified '52 Checker ""hovercab"" armed with headlight mounted machine guns, roof cannons, missiles, explosives, flame throwers, buzzsaws, and a Bad Attitude. Rid the streets by any means necessary, of assault vehicles, mutant assassins and slow moving pedestrians.

It's all in a day's work, here in KEMO.

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Spear of Destiny

Spear of Destiny brings virtual reality to the PC, hurling you into an intense battle between good and evil in which only you can save the world! A breathtaking musical soundtrack sets the mood, while amazing first person visual perspective and spectacular digital stereo sound effects give an experience like no other game you've ever played!

It's World War II and you're B.J. Blazkowicz, the Allies' most durable agent. In the midst of the German Blitzkrieg, the Spear that pierced the side of Christ is taken from Versailles by the Nazis and secured in the impregnable Castle Wolfenstein! According to legend, no man can be defeated when he has the Spear. Hitler believes himself to be invincible with the power of the Spear as his army of destruction sweeps across Europe.

Your mission is to recapture the Spear from an already unbalanced Hitler, with the hope that the loss of his most coveted weapon will push him over the edge! You must infiltrate the heavily guarded Nazi stronghold and time is running out!
In your quest to recover the Spear, you will encounter the exciting and hazardous challenges, secret doorways to hidden passages, gruesome mutants, and powerful monster-like bosses. All this in the midst of the massive fire-power of well trained enemy soldiers throughout the castle! See if you have the right stuff to accomplish the most dangerous mission of the war! 

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Star Wars: Rebel Assault

Take control of any of four Star Wars vehicles in a variety of challenging piloting, targeting, and combat scenarios in the first LucasArts game made exclusively for CD-ROM. After honing flight and combat skills, defend Tatooine against Imperial attack, challenge the menacing walkers on the frigid ice planet of Hoth, and combat the Empire in a series of intense deepspace battles.

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SYNDICATE -- THE STORY As the world's multinational corporations grew, their profits began to rival those of small countries. Soon they owned small countries and corporate influence was felt at the highest level of world government. Then, a European corporation perfected the CHIP. Inserted in the neck, the CHIP stimulated the brain stem to alter your every perception of the outside world. Better than any drug, the CHIP gave hope to millions by numbing their senses to the misery and squalor around them. The CHIP was a technological revolution and sold countless units with the slogan "Why change your world when you can change your mind". It also left the user open to auto-suggestion, and gave the corporations the perfect tool for manipulating the populace. Soon the corporations were at war among themselves, desperate to monopolize CHIP manufacture. It wasn't long before the Syndicates became the controlling force all over the globe.

As a young executive in a small European Syndicate, you're looking to make your mark. You observe from a control platform in an airship high above the teeming city streets as your agents, controlled by CHIP technology, spread the shadow of your terror. Each mission takes place among the canyons of concrete and steel, the mazes of streets and sewers, that our cities have become. The population goes about its business, moving among the traffic, commuting on trains, rushing to and from work, unaware of the violence about to explode around them.

There are over 50 named missions for you to choose between, but before you choose one, you need to develop an overall strategy for world domination. Tactical considerations vital to the ascendancy of your Syndicate include the of an adequate mission Budget, the skills and experience built up in the Cryo Chamber of potential agents, and developing your own maneuvering skills.

A Syndicate executive must be a master of strategy, assessing a mission environment and planning agent moves. An executive must also have the reflexes of a steroid-addicted sprinter and a remorseless lust for power to commit acts of gross violence -- but sleep soundly at night.

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System Shock

You're a renowned hacker, the most notorious cyberspace thief in the corporate world. Caught during a risky break-in, you become indentured to Diego, a greedy Trioptium exec who bankrolls a rare cyberjack implant operation. After six months in a healing coma, you awaken to the twisted aftermath of a terrible disaster. Where are the surgeons? Why is the station in such disrepair? Slowly, the chilling realization that something is very wrong creeps over you.

Once a prime corporate research facility, Citadel now teems with mindless cyborgs, robots and terribly mutated beings, all programmed to serve SHODAN, a ruthless artificial intelligence. There's scarcely time to think before it unleashes the first terror ...

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