Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Move larger-then-life exploits from the movie screen to the computer screen, and the results are often small potatoes.

Not so with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Games that capture the action, excitement, and special effects of the greatest Indy movie of them all. And Indy the game character has all the style, wit, and resourcefulness that make the big lug so lovable in the movie.

Too much for one game.

One game can't do Indy justice. So we designed two very different game experiences: Indy the Action Game, and Indy the Graphic Adventure.

And in both cases, it seems that Nazi Germany has just declared war on the Jones boys.

Red hot, slam-bam action.

Indy the Action Game delivers classic arcade thrills on a hell-bent chase for the greatest treasure in history - the Holy Grail. As Indy, you'll use your whip, your fists, and your wits. Escaping grave-robbing cutthroats. Pulverizing Gestapo goons. And surviving the lethal trials of the Grail Temple itself.

How's your I.Q.?

In Indy the Graphic Adventure, you'll find out if you can keep up with the guy with the whip and the hat. Maybe you'll make the same decisions Indy made in the movie. Or score higher I.Q. (Indy Quotient) points by finding subtle or ingenious alternatives. All the while exploring a stunning world of sights, sounds and characters - many of which you didn't see in the film.

Use Lucasfilms' acclaimed - and enhanced - point 'n' click interface to toss off a sarcastic one-liner, sweet talk your way out of a tight squeeze, or just haul off and slug the sucker. And thumb through Henry Jones' 64-page Grail Diary for precious and fascinating clues.

We made a spectacle of ourselves.

Both games bring you the great graphics, exciting camera angles, and stirring sound tracks that made the Indiana Jones films so special.

Of course, our development team had the advantage of working with the people who made the movie. And that's how we made sure that when you step into Indy's shoes, your feet are planted firmly in the fire.

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