Secret of Monkey Island, The

Lucasfilm Games' swashbuckling new graphic adventure lets you trade insults with some of the saltiest seamen to ever sail the seven seas.

In The Secret of Monkey Island, you'll sling one-liners with a fast-talking used ship salesman, a sarcastic swordmaster, a wisecracking corpse, and a prisoner whose breath would stop a horse. You'll also hunt for buried treasure, chase after a beautiful woman, and - perhaps - unravel one of the twistiest plots in the history of adventure gaming.

And you're just arrived on Island seeking fame and fortune. Explaining to anyone who'll listen that you want to be a pirate.

Being the easy-going types they are, your new pirate pals invite you into the club. Just as soon as you've completed three tiny trials.

Among other things, you'll need to sedate some piranha poodles, burglarize the governor's mansion, and do business with the scum of the earth. And if that's not enough, you'll have to figure out whether the 300-pound voodoo priestess covets your rubber chicken, fetid fish, pack of breath mints, or

Lucasfilm Games set today's graphic standards with games like Loom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Now The Secret of Monkey Island ups the standards a few more notches with stunning 256-color VGA graphics (16-color EGA version also available), proportionally scaled animated characters, and cinematic pans and camera angles.

Our acclaimed point 'n' click interface has been improved even more. So have our sound effects, which are backed by a captivating calypso and reggae music track.

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