GIF News

Between 1988 and 1994 Eric Hsiao created GIF News (and later GFX News). A small magazine distributed through BBS, and later across the Internet, which focused on technology news. All of the issues which have been found are displayed here so you do not need to download and extract the original archives. Each page includes the magazine images and text files from the original archives.


As the name implies, this free magazine was in GIF format and would usually get released once every two months. It was first published in 1988 and the last issue I've found is from 1995.  Each issue generally has four images and cover a variety of computer topics. Games, hardware, and technology updates are a regular focus. In 1994 the magazine was renamed GFX News.

The EGA images are 640 x 350. In 1991 one image per issue was released in VGA and sized at 320 x 200. As the releases continued they eventually go up to 640×480 and 256 colors.

Eric Hsiao who published the magazine, appears to have attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute along with some of the contributors to the magazine.

The ability to submit for free advertisements in the magazine was always highlighted. It's interesting to see the trend of advertisements which appeared in the magazine over the years. Advertisements for BBS were the primary ads which appeared (in the free size), however, there were also ones for computer hardware. Channel 1 had several ads including a featured article and full page spread. The most unusual ad which appeared is a text file for boomerangs (yes, the kind you throw) in Issue #20. You can see the trend in online services change over the years. GIF News is originally a strictly BBS item, but as the years go on it's also advertised as being available on FTP and later the world wide web.

Based on file lists I know I am missing all issues from 1988 and 1989. I suspect several issues are missing from 1993, and don't know if any were released after Volume 2, Number 2 of GFX News. If you can fill in any of these missing entries or provided more background on this magazine please contact me.

See the attachments on the top left of this page to download the full GIF News collection or you can browse the issues online

1988 **Missing**

Issues released in 1988 [#1]. This issue is currently missing.

1988 **Missing**

GIF News Issue #1

November/December 1988:

Reviews of Leisure Suit Larry II, Fire Power, and Sentinel Worlds.  Plus a short autobiography of Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.

Unfortunately this issue is currently missing.  If you have it, please contact me

1989 **Missing**

Issues released in 1989 [#2 - #5]. These issues are currently missing.

1989 **Missing**

GIF News Issue #2

February/March 1989:

Contains Virus protection safeguards, review of Police Quest II, “Are MS-DOS Games Getting Better” editorial, game hints to Leisure Suit Larry 2.

Unfortunately this issue is currently missing.  If you have it, please contact me

1989 **Missing**

GIF News Issue #3

May/June 1989:

Industry news, Space Quest ]I[ review, 1st annual Sight & Sound Awards, “Taito Games Are Terrible” editorial.

Unfortunately this issue is currently missing.  If you have it, please contact me

1989 **Missing**

GIF News Issue #4

July / August 1989:

Nintendo Game Hints (Super Mario Bros 2, Rad Racer, Karnov), Reviews of 4 different driving simulation games (Vette, Test Drive 2, Lombard Rally, F40 Pursuit Simulator), Review of the game Caveman Ugh-Lympics, a short overview of Lotus 123 Release 3.

Unfortunately this issue is currently missing.  If you have it, please contact me

1989 **Missing**

GIF News Issue #5

November / December 1989:

Review of Maxis' Sim City, the new Tears For Fears CD “Seeds of Love”, and a review of Sierra's Manhunter II.

Unfortunately this issue is currently missing.  If you have it, please contact me



Issues released in 1990 [#6 - #11]


GIF News Issue #6

January / February 1990:

A Look back at the eighties, review of Sierra's the Colonel's Bequest, and a overview of music cards (AdLib, GameBlaster, SoundBlaster, & Roland), the best VGA games.



		      ³ßßß³ ³ ³ßßß    ³ß³ ³ ³ßß ³ ³ ³³ßßß
		      ³     ³ ³       ³ ³ ³ ³	³ ³ ³³
		      ³  ß³ ³ ³ß      ³ ³ ³ ³ßß ³ ³ ³ ßßß³
		      ³ÜÜܳ ³ ³       ³ ³Ü³ ³ÜÜ ³Ü³Ü³ ÜÜܳ
	      Domo Arigato! Thank-You! Gracias! Merci! Sheh-Sheh!
     For taking the time to download the first 1990 issue of GIF News.
     I'd like to  wish everyone a happy new year/decade!  May the 90's
     bring  good fortune  to everyone who  reads GIF News.  This issue
     has articles on:  The Eighties, The Colonel's Bequest, VGA Games,
     sound cards, and more!
	      Again, free advertisements.  See page 1 for details!
	      The following files should be in this archive:
		    READ.ME	 <-- This file
		    GN1-90-1.GIF <-- Page 1 of GIF News
		    GN1-90-2.GIF <-- Page 2 of GIF News
		    GN1-90-3.GIF <-- Page 3 of GIF News
		    GN1-90-4.GIF <-- Page 4 of GIF News
	      If you ever want to know what issue of GIF News you have,
     just look at the filename.  For example:
	      GN1-90.ZIP <-- GN stands for GIF News
			     1 represents January
			     90 is the year
	      I welcome any comments, suggestions, submissions, ads, etc.
     Please mail them to:
	      Eric Hsiao
	      7 Fair Way
	      Poughkeepsie, New York 12603-5014
     Thank you and I hope you like the January/February issue of GIF News!

GIF News Issue #7

March / April 1990:

“Do Sound Cards Really Sound that Good?” editorial, a profile of the Channel 1™ BBS in Cambridge, MA, review of Access' Crimewave and Bitmap Bros' Xenon II, look at digitizing sounds.





                        Thanks for download GIF News
                        GIF News [March/April 1990]
        This issue centers around  digitized sound on the IBM.  Other
        articles include a review of Crime Wave, Xenon II , a profile
        of the Channel 1 BBS, and more.
        Please feel free to leave me feedback:
                       Eric Hsiao
           US Mail :   7 Fair Way
                       Poughkeepsie, New York 12603-5014
           Bitnet  :   ID=GJ8L@RPITSMTS.BITNET
           Internet:   Eric_Hsiao@MTS.RPI.EDU

GIF News Issue #8

May June 1990:

Detailed look at the VGA and VESA video standard, the Ultima VI built-in cheat, the World of Amiga show in New York City.






         				   ---===> GIF News <===---
                                May/June 1990
        * Sorry about the 2 week delay in the release of this issue.
          This past month has been very busy, but hopefully there
          will be no delays in the future.
        * Articles in this issue include: A detailed look at VGA,
          information on Ultima VI, The World of Amiga show in NYC,
          Sony's new CD player, and more!
        * Some changes have occured in GIF News.  Philippe Rabergeau
          of New York City suggested that I rename the individual
          pages so that the year comes before the month to make sorting
          easier.  It is a very good idea, this and all future issues
          will be named GNyrmo-#.GIF.  For example:
                                | \_ \___
                               Year |    \
                                   Month  Page #
        * Also, this issue has 5 pages instead of the usual 4.  I hope
          you like it!  With your continued support, GIF News will keep
          getting better!  Please upload it to all your favorite BBS's.
                        Eric Hsiao
                        7 Fair Way
                        Poughkeepsie, New York 12603-5014
            Internet => Eric_Hsiao@MTS.RPI.EDU
              BITNET => userID=GJ8L@RPITSMTS.BITNET
                        Call The Channel 1 BBS at (617)354-8873 and
                        leave me a message.

GIF News Issue #9

July / August 1990:

Request for BBS distribution sites, Computer Industry News, a look at the Sound Blaster card, a review of Spectrum Holobytes' Faces game.






          * * * * * * * * * * GIF News * * * * * * * * * *
          * * * * * * * * July/August 1990 * * * * * * * *
          * * * * * * * Hsiao & Hunter, Inc. * * * * * * *
          * * * * * * * * *  GN90-07.ZIP * * * * * * * * *
          * * * * *  Release Date: July 1st, 1990  * * * *
             Thanks for  downloading the GIF News July/August
        issue.  Inside,  you'll find  industry news,  ads for
        some  of  the nation's  most  unique  Bulletin  Board
        Systems,  new games  coming out,  a look at the Sound
        Blaster card, a  peek at Spectrum  Holobyte's  latest
        Tetris offering "Faces: Tris III",  the GIF News Gold
        Mine, and more!
             So  have  your  GIF Viewer  ready and  enjoy GIF
        News!  Remember,  advertise  for  free!  See  page  1
        [GN9007-1.GIF] for details.
             If you  enjoy reading GIF News, consider a small
        contribution, as it is very costly to upload GIF News
        to boards across the country.  A really nice donation
        would be an HST 14.4 or Dual Standard modem,  and the
        person  who does that  will get a full page ad space.
        Special  thanks goes  out to  Tess Heder of Channel 1
        Communications (tm) (617)354-8873  for donating  $75.
        Remember, your support keeps GIF News alive and circ-
        ulating!  Keep  uploading and  spreading  GIF News to
        to every board you call!
             Eric Hsiao, Editor-in-chief.
             Contact me in the following ways:
             By Mail:   Eric Hsiao
                        7 Fair Way
                        Poughkeepsie, New York 12603-5014
             By E-Mail: (Internet) ERIC_HSIAO@MTS.RPI.EDU
                        (Bitnet)   userID=GJ8L@RPITSMTS.BITNET
                        (Prodigy)  XPJD96B
             Bulletin Boards: MMT (914)297-2915
                              Channel 1 (617)354-8873
   Have a wonderful summer!  Look for the September/October 1990 issue
   this fall on a BBS near you!

GIF News Issue #10

September / October 1990:

Review of the games Atomix & Puzznik, a look at Battlechess II and future game releases, v.42 & v.42bis - what their advantages are.





          * * * * * * * * * * GIF News * * * * * * * * * *
          * * * * * * *  Sept/October 1990 * * * * * * * *
          * * * * * * * Hsiao & Hunter, Inc. * * * * * * *
          * * * * * * * * *  GN90-09.ZIP * * * * * * * * *
          * * * * *  Release Date: Sept 4th, 1990  * * * *
             Thanks for  downloading the GIF News July/August
        issue.  Sorry  for this  issue being a few days late.
        Inside,  you'll find reviews of games,  software news
        from foreign countries, a look at the number of games
        coming  out this fall,  "The Joke of the Month",  and
        more!  So sit back and have your GIF viewer ready and
             If you  enjoy it, please consider a small $$$$$$
        contribution.  Your  money  will be  used to pay  for
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        country.  Unfortunately, due to the high cost of long
        distance phone calls, I can only now upload to boards
        that are  running on US Robotics HSTs.  If your board
        is only 2400 baud,  you can still carry GIF News.  It
        is a freely  copied program, just as long as it's not
        modified in any way.  Please upload GIF News to every
        BBS you call!  Look for  the November/December  issue
        in a couple months.
             Eric Hsiao, Editor-in-chief.
             Contact me in the following ways:
             By Mail:   Eric Hsiao
                        7 Fair Way
                        Poughkeepsie, New York 12603-5014
             By E-Mail: (Internet) ERIC_HSIAO@MTS.RPI.EDU
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                        (Prodigy)  XPJD96B
             Bulletin Boards: MMT (914)297-2915
                              Channel 1 (617)354-8873
                              Saratoga Hotline (518)583-2841

GIF News Issue #11

November / December 1990:

Look at the TrakBlaster program, new Flight Simulator scenery disks, Reviews of games Spellcasting 101 and Jones in the Fast Lane, the Amiga Video Toaster by NewTek, Being a Game Designer for Electronic Arts.






Issues released in 1991 [#12 - #17]


GIF News Issue #12

January / February 1991:

V.32bis standard, XGA, LaserDiscs, the controversial Lotus-Equifax CD-ROM CD, “Boo to Disney Software” editorial, FD-Format, review of the game Hard Nova.





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                                        Eric Hsiao
                                        Editor of GIF News
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      arising from any advertisements should be directed toward the
      advertiser, not GIF News.  GIF News is a free publication which may
      be freely copied and distributed, so long as no modifications what-
      so-ever are made.
                           Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.'s
                                 GIF News
        Well, the January/February issue is here.  This issue has
    articles on: Another new 9600 Baud standard - V.32bis, IBM's
    new XGA, possible features of Origin's Wing Commander ][,
    Lotus' plans for a controversial CD-Rom, a look at Electronic
    Art's latest game "Hard Nova", and alot more.  Thank you for
    taking the time to download GIF News.  Please feel free to
    upload it to other BBS's in your local calling area.
        GIF News now available worldwide via Internet.  You can now
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    world.  Try and - look
    in the /pub directory on wuarchive and the /incoming on clarkson.
    GIF News welcomes all our new worldwide readers from the net.  You
    can always recognize which GIF News issue is up by the filename.
                         For example:
                         |  |_ |
                         |    ||__
                        GIF   |   |
                        News  | January
        GIF News comes out every other month so look for
    in March.  If you want back issues, let me know or send me a
    Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope with a disk (please include some
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    Channel 1 BBS in Cambridge, MA (617)354-8873.
        GIF News is always looking for writers, articles, comments, etc.
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        Thanks again.  For advertising info, please read GIFNEWS.ADS

GIF News Issue #13

March / April 1990:

Look at Workstations, BBS's pay business rates on their phone lines, JMPlayer review, Amiga 24 bit graphics, the first VGA page ever.