GFX News - Volume 1, Number 1

January / February 1994:

[*] GFX News – Premier Issue – 1/94 [*] A NEW magazine that brings you the latest computer NEWS and REVIEWS in full-screen high-resolution GraFiX! Guaranteed to be fun and interesting to read! Download me!





       Thanks for taking the time to download the premier issue of
                                 "GFX News"
                        (Pronounced "jee-eff-ex News")
  The first all graphics format magazine, travelling through the super
  information highway at the speed of light.

     GFX News comes from the same creators as GIF News, another magazine
  launched back in November 1988.  Now in 1994, GFX News has been born,
  bringing you the latest computer news and reviews in high resolution
  graphics.  This unique format allows us to bring you much more inform-
  ation than conventional text-only electronic magazines.  Not only that,
  but you will see that GFX News is more fun to read.

     So, let me begin by telling you how to read this magazine.  First
  of all, each page of the magazine is stored in a file format called
  GIF, which stands for Graphical Interchange Format.  GIF graphics file
  standard developed by Compuserve back in 1987 that you to view a picture
  no matter what kind of computer you have.  IBMs & clones, Macintoshes,
  Amigas, Sun Sparcs, Silicon Graphics Machines, etc. can all view GIF
  files with the right viewer.  Viewers are widespread and freely avail-
  able so finding one should not prove to be difficult.  This issue of
  GFX News uses screen resolution of 640x480 pixels in 256 colors.

     Each file that represents a page of the magazine is numbered in a 
  specific order, so you will know which way to read it.  For example:

     gn9401-1.gif <--- Page 1
     gn9401-2.gif <--- Page 2
     gn9401-3.gif <--- Page 3
     gn9401-4.gif <--- Page 4
       ||||   <--- Also, the issue year and month are in the filename.
       || \\
     1994 January

     In this archive the following files should be included: [Volume 1  Number 1  Released: Jan 26 1994]

     contest.txt  <--- Information about the "Design My Logo" contest
     file_id.diz  <--- BBS file descriptor
     gn9401.txt   <--- This text file that you are reading right now
     gn9401-1.gif <--- Page 1
     gn9401-2.gif <--- Page 2
     gn9401-3.gif <--- Page 3
     gn9401-4.gif <--- Page 4

  I hope you enjoy reading the premier issue of GFX News.  Your comments
  are greatly appreciated.  Donations gladly accepted to help defray the
  cost of production and distribution.  Here's how to contact GFX News:

                  By Internet E-mail:
                      Prodigy E-mail: xpjd96b

                       US Snail Mail: Eric Hsiao
                                      35 Davis Dr
                                      Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

                            Fax line: Coming soon...
                          Voice mail: Coming soon...

               Official GFX News BBS: The Bloom-Beacon Picayune
                                      (919) 557-3845 V.terbo
                                      Fidonet: 1:151/106

 Official GFX News Internet FTP Site:
        Welcome to the first in many GFX News sponsored contests.
    For this contest, we need you to draw a GFX News logo.  The
    logo must not be bigger than a 640x120 pixel box.  The maximum
    number of colors you can use is 256.  
        Besides getting your work shown in an issue, you could take
    first place and win Sierra's Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist
    game on IBM 3.5" disks.  The runner-up will win Mediaclip's MPC
    Wizard 2.0 on IBM CD-ROM.  I know these aren't big budget prizes,
    but hey - GFX News isn't a big budget production (yet).  

        Legal mumble-jumble: Void where prohibited.  Entry deadline:
    April 15, 1994 (Tax time).  You can enter as many submissions as
    you like.  Judges decisions are final.  Not responsible for lost
    entries.  All entries and submissions become the property of
    GFX News.  Winners will be announced in the May 1994 issue.

        To submit your entry, you can do it one of several ways:
    1. Upload it to the official GFX News FTP site: in
                                  the /pub/gfx-news/submit directory
    2. Upload it to the official GFX News BBS: Bloom-Beacon Picayune
                                  (919) 557-3845 v.terbo
    3. UUENCODE it and E-mail it to:
    4. Mail it on disk to: Eric Hsiao
                           35 Davis Dr
                           Research Triangle Park, NC 27709