GIF News Issue #16

September / October 1991:

Sound Blaster Pro Vs. AdLib Gold, “High Prices for Game Software” Editorial, Internet News, Contest Winners Announced.






                           GIF News
                       Sept/October 1991
                          Issue #16
                (C)1991 Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.
                 Release date: Sept. 9, 1991
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          GN9107.TXT       --- This file
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          GIFNEWS.ADS      --- How to advertise in GIF News
          SNDCARDS.TXT     --- Adlib Gold Vs. Sound Blaster Pro detailed
    Thanks for taking the time to download this issue of GIF
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news, rising prices of computer games, winners of the first 
GIF News contest, and more.
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    SNDCARDS.TXT - Comparison between Adlib Gold & Sound Blaster Pro                        
       -------------- GIF News --- Sept/Oct 1991 --------------
                                              AdLib    Sound Blaster
                                               Gold              Pro
FM Synthesizer Chip                   1 Stereo YM262    2 Mono YM3812
# FM voices used in Stereo                        20               11
# FM voices used in Mono                          20               22
Two Operator FM Synthesis                        Yes              Yes
Four Operator FM Synthesis                       Yes               No
# FM Waveforms                                     8                4
Negligible Wait Between Chip Writes     Yes (0.28fs)      No (23.0fs)
Sampling Resolution                          12 bits           8 bits
Sampling Dynamic Range                         72 dB            48 dB
Accepts 16 bit PCM Data                          Yes               No
Sampling Input & Playback Channels                 2                2
Maximum Stereo Sampling Rate                44.1 KHz        22.05 KHz
Digitized Sound Data Format               5.5125 KHz            2 KHz
Hardware Comp/Decompression                   3 to 1           4 to 1
Simultaneous use of 2 DMA Channels               Yes               No
Sampling FIFO Buffer                   2 x 128 Bytes      unspecified
Programmable Interrupts                          Yes     Jumpers only
Interrupt Conditions(s)                    8 Choices    On Completion
Variable Anti-aliasing Filter                    Yes               No
Double Oversampling Digital Filters              Yes               No
Double Undersampling Digital Filters             Yes               No
On-board Analog Stereo Mixer                     Yes              Yes
Accepts CD-Audio (RedBook) Input                 Yes              Yes
Volume Control on Each Source             128 levels         8 levels
Stereo Output Power Amplifier            1.2 W in 8j     0.75 W in 8j
MIDI Interface (IN, OUT, THRU)                   Yes              Yes
Simultaneous MIDI IN & OUT                       Yes               No
MIDI FIFO Buffer                                 Yes              Yes
Joystick Port                                    Yes              Yes
SCSI CD-ROM Interface                     153 kB/sec       153 kB/sec
Programmable Output Volume Control               Yes              Yes
Programmable Output Tone Control                 Yes               No
Programmable Gain for Mic & Aux Input            Yes        Automatic
Programmable Card Localization                   Yes               No
Programmable DMA Channel Selection               Yes     Jumpers only
Programmable Interrupt Selection                 Yes     Jumpers only
Programmable On-Board Chip Select                Yes               No
ID Code Available                                Yes               No
Directly Accessible Control Registers            Yes               No
Readable Control Registers                       Yes               No
Registers Stored in Non-Volitile Memory          Yes               No
Price With On-Board SCSI Interface           $399.95          $299.95
Price Without SCSI Interface                 $299.95              n/a
                         .MOD files at your service
      Can't seem to find any boards in your area with alot of TrakBlaster
      .MOD files?  Wish you had more, but don't want to spend the lengthy
      time to download them from long distance boards?  If you're like me,
      after listening to the TrakBlaster program play music, you swore you
      would never go back to .ROL or .CMF files again.  Well, I have a
      solution to those people who want more, but can't find more.  I have
      amassed about 10 megs of .MOD files, and would like to share them
      with you. 
                 Introducing the GIF News .MOD file server
      Files available on both 5.25" & 3.5" format
      If you order 1-2 disks, the following rates apply:
            Disk Type       Price
         5.25" 360K disk = $1.00 ea
         3.5"  720K disk = $1.75 ea
         5.25" 1.2Meg disk = $2.25 ea
         3.5"  1.44Meg disk = $2.75 ea
      If you order 3 or more, the following rates apply:
            Disk Type       Price
         5.25" 360K disk = $.75 ea
         3.5"  720K disk = $1.50 ea
         5.25" 1.2Meg disk = $2.00 ea
         3.5"  1.44Meg disk = $2.50 ea 
      Please print out the following order form to help you out.
      Name: ___________________________      Date: ___/___/___
      Phone: (   )    -
         Disk Type             Qty         Price          Total
      ___________________     _____   x   _______        _______
      ___________________     _____   x   _______        _______
      ___________________     _____   x   _______        _______
      ___________________     _____   x   _______        _______
      See above for information on        US Shipping    _$.75__
      Disk Type & Price
                                          Total          _______
      Shipping to Canada is $1.50, not $.75 (funds in US Dollars please)
      Checks & Money Order accepted as payment
      Please make check out to Eric Hsiao
      Mail this order form to:
           Eric Hsiao
           406-A BARH Mailroom, RPI
           Troy, New York 12180-3590
      All sales are final.
      To make sure I don't send you .MOD files you already have, it may be
      helpful for you mail your list of .MOD files along with the order
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