GIF News Issue #8

May June 1990:

Detailed look at the VGA and VESA video standard, the Ultima VI built-in cheat, the World of Amiga show in New York City.






         				   ---===> GIF News <===---
                                May/June 1990
        * Sorry about the 2 week delay in the release of this issue.
          This past month has been very busy, but hopefully there
          will be no delays in the future.
        * Articles in this issue include: A detailed look at VGA,
          information on Ultima VI, The World of Amiga show in NYC,
          Sony's new CD player, and more!
        * Some changes have occured in GIF News.  Philippe Rabergeau
          of New York City suggested that I rename the individual
          pages so that the year comes before the month to make sorting
          easier.  It is a very good idea, this and all future issues
          will be named GNyrmo-#.GIF.  For example:
                                | \_ \___
                               Year |    \
                                   Month  Page #
        * Also, this issue has 5 pages instead of the usual 4.  I hope
          you like it!  With your continued support, GIF News will keep
          getting better!  Please upload it to all your favorite BBS's.
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