Founded by Yale Brozen with Steve Scivally their first prototype issue (00) was released in February 1994. Issue 01 came out only a few months later in May 1994. The magazine had a total of 23 issues before being merged into Computer Games Strategy Plus Magazine. It is said the cost of packaging the discs was too high for it to have been sustainable on it's own.

Each disc includes ads, news, previews, reviews, and game tips. All of these are with screen shots with audio tracks. These reviews sometimes include more than one person speaking with a different perspective about the title and funny banter back and forth. In addition to this multimedia experience, you can click on the screen when playing one of these presentations and choose “Extras” to view a text game description and/or requirements for each title. These hidden game descriptions are written at the level of a review in a major print publication.

Many issues include interactive interviews with game designers.  Game previews often include either audio tracks from designers or videos of the designers.  These glimpses behind the scenes are beyond anything a print magazine can provide.

Finally the discs also filled in that extra space available with demos, patches, and at times full commercial games.

I have created videos of the game previews and reviews which can be watched through my IE YouTube playlist. These videos are an easy way to experience part of this disc magazine but if you have the ability to download and run these in a virtual machine I highly encourage it.


Publisher - Yale Brozen
Producer - Dave Stott
Technical Director - Joseph B. Hall
Director - Steve Scivally
Managing Editor - Greg Titus
Editor - Tim Keating
Executive Editor - Marc Dultz
Art Director - Kirk P. Membry
Production Consultant - Jim Romanoff
Audio Engineer - Gregory T. Henry
Audio Technician - Chris Sargent
Business Manager - Gregg Sauter
Accounting Services - Christina Brozen
Writers - Scott Grant, Gregory T. Henry, Jesse Isaacson, Tim Keating, Damon Nazarenko, Greg Titus, John Voorhees
Announcers - Cindy Brooks, Jennifer Colby, Gregory T. Henry, Darren Ingram, John Voorhees, Tim Keating, Lue McWilliams, Brigitte O'Conner, Greg Titus, Ruth Yeskoo

All of the discs can be downloaded from this collection at