Zeek the Geek

On a small planet in a large solar system on the far side of the galaxy, there is intelligent life. The dominant life form is the Geek, not to be confused with the geeks we know here on earth. Geeks have extremely high IQ's, but they lack common sense. (OK, so there is some resemblance to earthly geeks.) A Geek could out-perform any scientific calculator without blinking an eye, but would have trouble solving even simple puzzles.

Zeek is a typical Geek. He has a large head with a very large brain, and he can solve complex mathematical formulas in a flash. But, he is easily confused by everyday challenges. Unfortunately, this is quite a problem where Zeek lives. Everyday challenges can be fatal if he makes a mistake, and he needs help deciding how to get around. This is where you come in. You can help him get to the mushrooms that he and his family like so much.

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