Take a step back in time and revisit your favorite DOS and Windows games. Demu is a concept I've been working on since 1998. The website name has changed numerous times over the years, but it's always focused on old computer games and other interesting digital files.

This website contains a curated sample of what I believe are some of the best files available in our full collection. The full archive is over 14,000 files which is available directly through our Classic PC Games collection at The Internet Archive. These files include primarily demo, freeware, and shareware games, and extras (cheats, documents, mods, trainers, etc.). These are the original releases which will require intermediate to advanced knowledge to install and run on modern operating systems. Where possible online play is supported so you can run them directly in your browser.

We also have a collection of computer applications and other misc files are available in the The DEMU Collection at The Internet Archive. This collection differs from Classic PC Games, as it is primarily a quick automated process to make old archives available with limited meta data. Generally I try to provide a correct title, and some type of description. Online play will not be available.

Feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or suggestions.


Below are some of my favorites from the collection. (coming soon)

CD Catalog

I go through a lot of shareware and demo CD's to document old software and files. This is my attempt to catalog what is available on many of these discs.

GIF News Collection

Between 1988 and 1994 Eric Hsiao created GIF News (and later GFX News). A small magazine distributed through BBS, and later across the Internet, which focused on technology news. All of the issues which have been found are displayed here so you do not need to download and extract the original archives. Interactive Entertainment Magazine

A multimedia CD-ROM magazine containing game news, previews, and reviews. Only 24 issues were released from 1994 to 1996.

Strategy Guides

There was a time where you would purchase books which would include maps, secrets, and tips about your games. I am working on cataloging these books to ensure they are preserved.

Unlock the Secrets

Between roughly 1996 and 2000, GameWizards released interactive strategy guides for several popular games. Game Mastery Through Multi-Media

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